April 17 – 20

WOW! Thank you for all your great comments about the 2018 Spring Mystery tour. Everyone loved the Blue Angels, Bellingrath Gardens and the Chick Fil A tour.

You really put us on the spot…we had to come up with a tour this year that would top the one to Mobile and Penssacola…..and we think we have! We can almost guarantee that you have never been where we are going, but you have heard about some of the people that come from this area all your lives (now, that’s interesting!). We’re going to a beautiful part of the country with lots of interesting attractions and sights to see and as always, we’ve got some special meals planned. Join us as we head out to……well, we haven’t even let our driver in on that secret yet!

Price Per Person: $479 Double | $467 Triple | $461 Quad | $629 Single