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Frequently Asked Questions

Passport Requirements

On certain trips, you will need a passport. Those trips will be clearly marked. We suggest you talk to your post office. Usually, they have the required forms, and can even take the picture required for your passport.

Do I need travel insurance?

Some trips are an investment. You may not know how personal events or health may impact you. We suggest travel insurance, especially for the costlier tours. AAA and reputable insurance agents found online can usually give you the best rates.

Covid 19 Precautions

While we don't require a mask while traveling with us, you are certainly free to wear one if you'd like. 

When traveling on a motorcoach over multiple days, we have the necessary equipment, and we fog the inside seating compartment  with disinfectant each night.

Additionally, we wipe down the handrails several times daily while traveling with disinfectant wipes.

If you have been sick, or are not feeling well, we ask that you not go on any tour.

Payment Information

Deposits are -

For tours that  are $99 or less - Full payment at registration.

Tours $100 to $399 - 1/2 deposit at registration / remainder within 30 day of travel.

Tours $400 to $999 - $250 deposit / Balance paid within 30 days or travel.

Tours $1000 or more - $500 deposit / 1/2 paid within 6 months of travel / balance within 60 days of travel.

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