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David Bell
David Bell

Smart Adobe Cc Blocker Mac

To avoid losing quality, a better way to work is to first convert your layer into a smart object. Smart objects are like containers that protect the image inside them. Any transformations we make to a smart object are applied to the smart object itself, while the image inside it remains unharmed. And each time we apply a new transformation, Photoshop redraws the smart object based on that original image data. So no matter how many transformations we apply to a smart object, the result always looks great.

Smart Adobe Cc Blocker Mac

A smart object icon appears in the lower right of the preview thumbnail, telling us that the layer is now inside a smart object, and we're ready to start transforming the image:

Because we're working with a smart object, Photoshop knows that the original image inside the smart object is larger than the scaled size. To restore the original size, first make sure the link icon between the Width and Height fields is selected:

I'll make a copy of my layer (or in this case, my smart object) by pressing Ctrl+J (Win) / Command+J (Mac). And now in the Layers panel, we see two copies of the image.

For $15 a month, users can upgrade to Pantone Connect Premium, which adds " a dozen more tools to create smarter, more impactful palettes," the plugin page reads. "Premium also lets you save and share UNLIMITED palettes for work in all your Adobe design programs."

Blurring text is basically the same as blurring an image in Adobe Illustrator. Instead of selecting an image, you would select the text. Then you can add one of the blurring effects (except the smart blur) or feather effect to the text.

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