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Thanks for the comparison, Wolf! I'm now hooked on HQ Player after several month of trying various settings and durations but only with my Android phones to output to my DAC. My smartphone is Android 8.1, Jide Pro P3, and I use YTD to stream and downsample to DSD via ASDMEC but even when I watch Netflix quality video, I can feel the quality I get from the headphones with HQ Player. It's simply exquisite.

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Yes, the Korg iHV G3 is worth a look as it was one of the better CD players I tested back when I started writing stuff for Sounds Of The Times. I'd recommend the G2, the G3 is more pricey but comes with the tuner and MP3 player. I didn't like the MP3 player much, it was just a kludgeless little MP3 decoder. The G2 was expensive, it was the first non-flash CD player that I tested and I was amazed at how good it sounded compared to the Toshiba Dynamic AX-1000M, the best-sounding compact disc player on the market. Both players had the same 14-band equalizer and a headphone amp. As good as it sounded, I don't think I'd pay too much for a CD player in the next few years.

If you are looking for an iOS player, try Signalyst HQPlayer AAC. The player has got everything and the UI is very easy to navigate. However, this could be a good choice for some of the other options as well.

On 02-May-2019 at 04:34 PM, 890. wrote:> Download Signalyst Haq Player full crack Please give xxhighend a try. It has a custom interpolator which he calls arc prediction and it sounds fantastic. (Have tried hqplayer and wasnt quite impressed, but I expected it considering the linear structure of the filters). Xxhe is a bit hard to set up but worth the effort imo.


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