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Umay Mutiara The Jugala Group Hayang Deui !!INSTALL!!

Umay Mutiara: The Voice of Jaipong and Jugala

Umay Mutiara is a singer and dancer who specializes in Jaipong and Jugala, two traditional music genres from West Java, Indonesia. She is known for her powerful and expressive voice, as well as her graceful and energetic movements. She has performed with various groups, such as HIBA Group, The Jugala Group, and Hayang Deui Group.

Umay Mutiara The Jugala Group Hayang Deui


Jaipong is a fusion of Sundanese folk music, gamelan, and dangdut, a popular music style influenced by Indian and Arabic music. It was created in the late 1970s by Gugum Gumbira, a composer and musician who wanted to revive the traditional art of ketuk tilu, a dance and music performance that was banned by the government for being too erotic. Jaipong features fast and complex rhythms played by drums (kendang), gongs (gong), metallophones (saron), xylophones (gambang), and fiddles (rebab). The singers (juru kawih) improvise lyrics based on Sundanese proverbs, poems, or stories. The dancers (juru tari) wear colorful costumes and accessories, and perform dynamic movements that emphasize the hips, shoulders, and hands.

Jugala is a variation of Jaipong that was developed by Dally S., a drummer and leader of The Jugala Group. It is characterized by slower and softer rhythms, more melodic vocals, and more elegant and refined dance movements. Jugala is often performed at weddings, ceremonies, or festivals.

Umay Mutiara was born in Bandung, West Java, in 1962. She started singing at the age of five, and learned Jaipong from her father, who was a ketuk tilu performer. She joined HIBA Group in 1982, and became one of the most popular Jaipong singers in Indonesia. She recorded several albums with HIBA Group, such as Cinta Pupulasan[^4^], Randa Ngora[^2^], and Rebutan Jasa[^2^]. She also collaborated with other Jaipong artists, such as Idjah Hadidjah, Detty Kurnia, and Nani Sugianto.

In 1989, she left HIBA Group and joined The Jugala Group, which was founded by Dally S. in 1985. She became the main singer of the group, along with Nandang Barmaya, who played the rebab. She recorded several albums with The Jugala Group, such as Hayang Deui[^1^] [^3^], Kulu-kulu Gancang[^2^], and Angle[^2^]. She also performed with The Jugala Group at various national and international events, such as the Festival of Indonesia in the USA in 1990-1991.

In 1995, she formed her own group called Hayang Deui Group, which means "want it again" in Sundanese. She continued to sing and dance Jaipong and Jugala with her group until now. She also teaches Jaipong and Jugala to young generations who are interested in learning the traditional art forms.

Umay Mutiara is considered as one of the icons of Jaipong and Jugala in Indonesia. She has received many awards and honors for her contributions to the preservation and development of Sundanese culture. She is also admired by many fans and admirers for her talent, charisma, and beauty.

Umay Mutiara has a distinctive style of singing and dancing that reflects her personality and emotions. She sings with a clear and strong voice that can convey various moods and feelings, such as joy, sadness, anger, or love. She also dances with a graceful and energetic body that can express different characters and stories, such as a princess, a warrior, a lover, or a rebel. She often improvises her lyrics and movements according to the situation and the audience's response.

Umay Mutiara is also known for her versatility and creativity. She can sing and dance in different genres and languages, such as pop, rock, jazz, dangdut, Sundanese, Indonesian, English, or Arabic. She can also collaborate with different musicians and artists, such as rock bands, jazz ensembles, orchestras, or dancers. She is always open to learn new things and explore new possibilities in her art.

Umay Mutiara is not only a singer and dancer, but also a role model and a leader. She is involved in various social and cultural activities that aim to empower women, promote peace, and preserve the environment. She also supports many causes and organizations that help the poor, the sick, the children, and the animals. She is respected and loved by many people for her generosity and kindness. c481cea774


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