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Safeway Spicy Thai Chicken Salad Recipe EXCLUSIVE

Addicting is putting it mildly. Even my (less adventurous eater) spouse loves it. Its my go-to recipe for parties and many often want the recipe. We love it room temp as a salad and warmed as a side dish. Or add chicken chicken slices to it for a terrific bowl meal. Wow! It's a winner every way you serve it.

Safeway Spicy Thai Chicken Salad Recipe

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The salad sounds wonderful and I have all the ingredients to make it. However, a whole head of iceburg lettuce and a head of romaine lettuce sounds like a lot of lettuce especially since it calls for only 2 cups of chicken. Is this correct?Thank you

Whitney, thanks so much for visiting me here at Confetti and Bliss! This Chinese Chicken Salad recipe really is an excellent way to use leftover rotisserie chicken! And boy does this salad taste good! Enjoy. :-)

The Asian salad dressing makes this Chinese chicken salad so flavorful and delicious! I usually double the recipe for the Asian dressing and use half as a chicken marinade for later in the week. I love time-saving meal ideas! Ingrid, thanks so much for stopping by. :-)

One serving of this salad blend has a whopping 80% of your daily Vitamin K intake and 45% of your daily Vitamin C. Need to add some extra protein? Feel free to toss on some grilled shrimp, chicken, or even seared tofu to create a satisfying meal that will have you avoiding your go-to food delivery services for at least one night.

I made some minor changes because I don't like buying a container of something, using half of it and then throwing the rest away when I don't use it. So I used an 8 oz pkg of mushrooms (probably twice as many as called for), an entire red pepper instead of 1/2 cup, an entire bunch of green onions chopped, a whole can of light coconut milk and one can of chicken broth since others suggested using less than three cups. I like spicy food so I used two tablespoons of sambal oelek instead of two teaspoons and it was delightfully spicy. At first I thought it was too spicy but it seemed to mellow. So with the above disclaimer about how I didn't make the recipe exactly as written, I will say this soup was superb. I will be making it regularly from now on - so quick and easy (I used rotisserie chicken breast).

There was one thing I did differently. I seared the chicken in a wok first, in order to get the Maillard Effect, and cooked it to about 75%, and then put it in the soup with the shrimp and had it simmer in it. The different textures and tastes were amazing. Thanks for the recipe!

We love the flavors of Thai food & this did not disappoint. Used chicken broth, and decreased the ginger and sugar to suit our tastes. Doubled the mushrooms (used button mushrooms, but shiitake or straw mushrooms could be delightful). I used heaping teaspoons of samal oelek, and it had just the right amount of spicy heat for us. I also used very mild jalapenos out of our garden instead of red bell pepper.

So this doesn't look anything like the picture so don't concentrate on it too much. I think I added too much chicken because it was more of a stew than a soup. Taste was great though. I did add extra chili paste because it wasn't spicy enough. Next time I'll decrease the chicken stock as suggested.

Great fresh flavors, made exactly as written except a little extra chicken because the breast was so large (11 oz) and to make it a meal. It was not at all spicy--not sure if my red chile paste was not very spicy, but next time I will add way more or search out some better chile paste.

Loved this soup so much last week, I am making it again today (before my leftover lemongrass goes bad)! My BF was very excited because he loves this type of soup, but has a mild fish allergy and can not usually eat the restaurant version. We replaced the fish sauce with Ponzu sauce (think soy sauce plus lime), and it was great! He requested more lemongrass this batch, but I thought it was perfect with the original recipe. Also great as leftovers. We used "Caribbean Lime" rotisserie chicken from the store.

This soup is very good! I used a little less fish sauce than the recipe called for (I was afraid my boyfriend wouldn't eat it if it smelled too much like fish sauce) and I didn't use lemongrass because my grocery was out of it, and it was still great! I also added a little cooked white rice to it, to bulk it up. I love how it has got a little kick and unique flavors. I'm a huge fan of soup in the winter and come February I'm looking for something new to switch up the usual chicken noodle and chili. This hit the spot! Definitely keeping this one around.

This recipe was really quite delicious. I followed other reviewers suggestions and I think it was perfect. I only used 1 T of fish sauce. I'm not a fan of hot/spicy but I think it needed some chili to balance the flavors. I used 1-2 t. of garlic chili pepper sauce instead of the sambal oelek because I was afraid of it. The broth was rather thin so I added 1 bunch of cooked somen noodles and put a big handful of fresh baby spinach in the bowl before pouring in the soup. The color was nice. I would probably add more mushrooms and red peppers next time. The toppings at the end really bring it together, don't skimp!

This soup is simple to prepare. It uses leftover chicken (I used a store bought Rotisserie) and it is inexpensive. The third time I prepared this recipe, I was out of chicken stock and used vegetable stock instead. Still outstanding!

Great flavor. Will make this again. We got 3 servings filling 3/4 of each bowl out this batch (not 4 srvgs); it was a meager dinner--drank some water to get full. A simple salad on the side would of helped. Next time I will double the recipe as it was a lot of cutting/chopping and leftovers would have been nice and a full bowl of soup. Will reduce fish sauce from 4 tsp to 3 tsp next time.

We loved this soup. I had no lemon grass and had to cut back the spicy sambal oelek for the sake of my sensitive stomach. The flavor was fantastic! We can't wait to eat the leftovers for lunch tomorrow. I echo the person who said the broth was so good she wanted to lick the bowl. haha. In this case I knew we'd both be extra hungry and I didn't have as much chicken as the recipe called for, I added a little tofu and some extra veggies and some cooked brown rice to make the meal a little bulkier.

Good flavors in this soup. I made a double batch. I wanted it to be a little creamier - probably the light coconut milk. A bit of a process to do on a work night, unless you buy a cooked chicken at the market. But a wonderful weekend soup. Served with a tossed green salad. Thanks Cooking Light!

This soup has a wonderful balance of fresh flavors. I made it for the first time last night and followed the recipe exactly as written, except I put in more chicken. (I used about 3 cups of shredded rotisserie chicken breast.) My husband declared this dish an A+ and requested it again tonight for our New Year's Eve dinner. We just enjoyed our second night in a row of this soup for dinner and we all loved it again. Definitely as good, if not better, than anything you'll get in a restaurant!

In the mood for some take-out tonight? Well do me a favor, skip it and make these Saucy Peanut Noodles with Chicken instead! Seriously SO dang good, ready in just 20 minutes (faster than delivery!) and waaaay better than take-out, if you ask me. Whole grain spaghetti noodles, tender shredded chicken, crisp bell pepper slices, fresh herbs and crunchy peanuts all smothered in the most delicious peanut sauce. You guys, this recipe is seriously a MUST!

Loved the recipe but next time will halve the amount of fresh ginger as it was a bit overwhelming. Also, will halve the chili paste to 1 teaspoon and then taste to see if it needs more. It was a bit too spicy for my husband but think the ginger contributed most of it. .

During the summer I find myself favoring Asian flavor profiles. I love the combination of savory and sweet with a little spice. This flavor profile adds a brightness and adventure to any meal. Which is why I love this Thai chicken salad!

  • This recipe would make great mason jar salads! To the bottom of a 16oz mason jar, scoop in several Tablespoons dressing then layer salad ingredients in the order listed in the recipe above (coleslaw mix, red pepper, chicken, etc.)

THis is the most amazing soup. I decided to skip the chili sauce and substituted white miso paste instead which I guess is not anywhere near the same but worked really well in it. Otherwise I followed recipe to a tee using all coconut milk so it is totally dairy free. I used canned chicken breast from Costco that I have had in my pantry and it is perfect for something like this.I had 2 bowls of it and called that my supper. I could not have been more happy with it.

A few years back when I was pregnant with my daughter, I had food cravings like most pregnant woman do. One of my cravings was for Willow Tree chicken salad. Almost every day for lunch, I went to a little sandwich shop about a block away from my office, and I would get the exact same thing to eat: a Willow Tree chicken salad sandwich (and this sandwich shop specifically stated it was Willow Tree for good reason!) on sourdough bread, milk, and a piece of fruit.

Willow Tree Farm is a New England-area food company and poultry farm based out of Attleboro, Massachusetts, famous for their deli chicken salad and chicken pot pies. According to the Willow Tree website, they credit their chicken salad as one of the reasons the company has flourished over the years, and their products are also sold at grocery chains all along the East Coast of the United States.

Thank you for this recipe. I saw it on Pinterest and made it tonight for dinner with some chicken noodle soup. The chicken salad us delish! I used 2 cans of chicken breast in water and it worked great.

Scoop it onto a salad for lunch, serve it on endive spears for an appetizer or make a sandwich and pack it up for a picnic. Any way you serve this curried chicken salad, you are in for a treat. The recipe is easy, it can be prepared ahead, and the flavors are outstanding. 350c69d7ab

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