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Silence The Witness Full Movie Download In Italian Hd BETTER

I'm not going to repeat all the plot details like the other 5 or 6 reviewers have done. By reading them, you likely already have a pretty good, basic idea of the story : )But, I will say that I thought the film was very well done, extremely clever and involving. Well acted throughout by all involved (DAMN... is it somehow racist to say that I swear these Chinese actors are almost always amazing!) What really makes the movie is the clever plotting and what also really impressed me was the added dimension towards the end where perhaps one's impression of certain people may not turn out to be quite what you expected (is that vague enough :D) This really gives what already is a great film, a further layer of depth and character.Seriously though... I really liked the characters. The powerful businessman was quite smooth, the prosecutor very focused and determined, and what is interesting is the bearing and manner of the defense counsel. Right from the beginning her manner strikes you as rather odd, but that is just another well thought out development of this excellent and entertaining story.If you like clever Crime Thrillers, especially ones with a lot of turns of subtlety, and you hopefully don't mind reading subtitles (assuming of course that you do not already speak Chinese) you should really enjoy this slightly complex, yet very riveting film...

Silence the Witness full movie download in italian hd




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