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Beau Martin
Beau Martin

Space Pirate Captain Harlock Movie English Sub Download [CRACKED]

Another movie that is completely destroyed by the poor quality of the chain of events. The absurd numbers of side changes the main character has, the big speech from the captain that clearly goes to another movie, the commercial poses of everybody, the plot, the plot itself is a huge waste of time. Character develop is a joke in this movie.In other hand, the visual photographic scenes are very good, that brings the necessary balance to watch this movie till the end.It seems the tried to make a change to normal workflow, by putting the main fighting scene at the middle of the movie, in an action film that is a big risk if you don't have enough plot to make a comeback. This film just fill the space after the fight with useless words, with character introduction, its a mess....I would NOT recommend this to friends

space pirate captain harlock movie english sub download



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