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3ds Ambassador Certificate Hack ##HOT##

Remember, you needed to grab a 3DS and log onto the eShop before the price was dropped in order to become an ambassador and be eligible for these free games. There will also be 10 free GameBoy Advance games released before the end of the year.

3ds Ambassador Certificate Hack

I've had a chance to play a few of these games, and they all work fine on the 3DS, and my kids are ecstatic about having a brand-new (to them) selection of games. Also be sure to download the ambassador certificate, which allows you to set up notifications for when the rest of the games become available. Enjoy!

It's likely you've already downloaded your free NES games but if not there is a special section in the eShop for the Nintendo 3DS Ambassador certificate, a device for Nintendo to tell you about the Ambassador program.

@James the announcement from nintendo says this about the NES games: "Once the paid versions of the games are posted to the Nintendo eShop later in the year, the updated versions will be available to Ambassadors for download at no cost."my question is: how will the ambassador versions be different from the paid versions? maybe at first we will get them in 2D but when they are made available they will be 3d classics?

@James, @everyone: I sent a couple of emails to Nintendo asking about the ambassador program availability in Mexico and Latin America, Ill be sure to update you and to post here if I hear back from them. Has any you read/found anything about this on your end?

@7ATalavera Oh I just checked it on you're automatically registered if you entered the eshop. btw, I'm not sure if we're getting free GBA games-if you check the wording, it says 20 free games, there will be 10 free games available on the first day for nes, and there will be 10 exclusive to ambassador gba games with no mention whether they will be free. I just emailed tech support.

@armoredghor: I hope they dont add registering for club.nintendo as a requirement, or they dont simply skip Mexico (we missed green lantern and Netflix) since "More details about this program will be announced in the future". I hadnt noticed, you are right, they do not specify if the 10 GBA games will be part of the 20 free downloads (they never label GBA games as free), if they mean an ambassador earns the "privilege" to buy them, I pass. Let us know if Nintendo replies.

@haddyDrow same here. The only reason I even get to use the eshop is by changing the country settings on my 3ds. Still It would be nice to get a notification that I am on the ambassador program. Would be really annoyed if the compensation doesn't Apply to me or others who bought their 3ds early

@7ATalavera @James I am also in the same situation like Talavera as I am from Mexico too, should I change the region of my 3ds?, I am currently studying in Shanghai and I have my 3ds configured with residence in Mexico so I have been accessing to the mexican eshop, but I'm afraid if the ambassador program is just available for U.S. and Canada, anyway I bought 2 DSiWare games, I do not know if changing my 3ds region I will lose my games

So, Sony gets hacked and the PSN is down for weeks and they offer a welcome back of 2 free games and a limited subscription to PSN Plus. Nintendo lowers the price of the handheld and they give us early adopters 20 games for free. Hmm, which company sounds better? Roll on September 1st, I want some awesome games. Fingers crossed for the NES version of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

can someone help me.. im wondering if do i have to connect to wifi to get the ambassador program thing.. but what if i bought it on the day it came out and connect to e-shop like two weeks ago.. will i be able to take part in the ambassador program for free games? help me im saying this cause i dont have wifi to update or go to eshop right now

soooo i have taken my n3ds at april 2nd and i have first connected it at 12 april ive downloaded the pokedex all the videos and the video thing + the game that was availible for free before 1st june i think soooo i will be an ambassador? 350c69d7ab


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