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Atlas Da Terra Media.pdf


Desquiron de Saint-Agnan ed. 1821. Historia del proceso de la reine de Inglaterra escrita en francés con presencia de documentos fidedignos recogidos en Londres por A.T. Desquiron de St. Agnan y traducida al castellano por el ciudadano don Juan Valle y Codés. Barcelona: Imprenta nacional de la Viuda Roca. PDF

Hall, Sidney, 1829. A new general atlas, with the divisions and boundaries carefully coloured; Constructed entirely from new drawings, and engraved by Sidney Hall. London: Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown and Green. Text

La Pérouse, Jean François de Galaup de. 1798-9. A voyage round the world performed in the years 1785, 1786, 1787, and 1788. 3 vols., atlas. London: T. Johnson. Volume 1 Text Volume 2 Text Volume 3 Text Volume 4 (Atlas) Text

In 2002 appeared the first version of VMA. For its eighteenth anniversary, we are pleased to present the new version 7.0, the most complete computer-based atlas of the Moon existing.Since 2012, the launch date of version 6.0, we have been waiting for data from the recent Chandrayann 1 and GRAIL lunar probes as well as new, more precise data from the venerable Kaguya and LRO probes in order to make them compatible with VMA. It is now done and we also took advantage of this long absence to increase the VMA databases because new data were provided by several scientific organizations. 153554b96e


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