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Din 276 English Pdf Downloadgolkes

DIN 276: The German Cost Estimation Standard for Construction Projects (English PDF)

If you are involved in construction projects in Germany, you may have encountered the term DIN 276. This is a DIN standard that is used for two main purposes: to determine the project costs and to determine the fee for architects and engineers. In this article, we will explain what DIN 276 is, how it works, and where you can find an English PDF version of it.

din 276 english pdf downloadgolkes

Download Zip:

What is DIN 276?

DIN 276 is a German standard that covers the identification, classification, and control of construction costs. It applies to new construction, reconstruction, and modernization of buildings and related project costs. It also covers civil engineering works, such as roads, bridges, tunnels, etc. DIN 276 was first published in 1950 and has been revised several times since then. The latest version is DIN 276:2018-12, which supersedes the previous versions of DIN 276-1:2008-12 and DIN 276-4:2009-08.

How does DIN 276 work?

DIN 276 provides a systematic and consistent approach to cost planning and management throughout the project lifecycle. It defines the following principles:

  • Cost identification: The process of identifying and documenting all relevant costs associated with a project.

  • Cost classification: The process of grouping costs into categories according to their nature, function, or phase.

  • Cost control: The process of monitoring and comparing actual costs with planned costs and taking corrective actions if necessary.

  • Cost management: The process of optimizing costs to achieve the best value for money.

  • Cost objective: The target cost that is agreed upon by the project stakeholders.

DIN 276 also specifies different levels of cost identification depending on the degree of detail and accuracy required. These are:

  • Cost estimation: A rough calculation of costs based on preliminary design or similar projects.

  • Cost calculation: A detailed calculation of costs based on final design or tender documents.

  • Cost determination: A final calculation of costs based on actual measurements or invoices.

DIN 276 also provides a standard cost classification table that divides costs into four main groups:

  • 100: Land acquisition and development

  • 200: Building construction

  • 300: Technical equipment

  • 400: Outdoor facilities

Each group is further subdivided into subgroups and elements according to their function or location. For example, group 200 includes subgroups such as 210 (foundation), 220 (structural framework), 230 (roof), etc. Each subgroup includes elements such as 211 (excavation), 221 (reinforced concrete), 231 (roof covering), etc. Each element has a corresponding quantity and reference unit that can be used for measuring and calculating costs.

Where can I find an English PDF version of DIN 276?

If you need an English translation of DIN 276, you can purchase it from Beuth Verlag GmbH, the official publisher of DIN standards. You can choose between a PDF or a hardcopy format. The price for the PDF version is 170.34 EUR and the price for the hardcopy version is 187.38 EUR. You can order it online from their website:

You can also find some free online resources that explain DIN 276 in English, such as Wikipedia[^1^] or Scribd[^2^]. However, these sources may not be updated or accurate, so they should be used with caution.



[^2^]: c481cea774


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